International cooperation form between schools and enterprises (Leonardo da Vinci IVT Mobility project) 2010 - 2011

For the last ten years there has been an educational initiative called CROSSOVER between the business schools of BFI Wien and schools in Bratislava (Slovakian Republic), Brno (Czech Republic) and Györ (Hungary).

The central component of this cooperation has been the school project Workplacement since the school year 2003/2004. Through this system pupils from the partner schools were able to participate in a four weeks’ industrial placement with established companies in Vienna. In summer 2005 seven pupils of BFI Wien had also the opportunity to gain international experience in companies in the neighbouring eastern countries. Afterwards two Leonardo da Vinci mobility projects were approved by the European Commission for the time period from 2006 to 2009. Within these two projects 33 pupils participated.

The mobility project WORKPLACEMENT III: New forms of international cooperation between schools and companies should give the pupils of the schools of bfi Wien increased opportunity to participate in measures to complete their professional education in another country (Bratislava, Slovakian Republic), Brno (Czech Republic) and Györ (Hungary). The pupils have good specialist knowledge (economics, IT and languages) as well as good theoretical knowledge of communication and management. It is planned that 36 pupils participate with a three weeks’ stay abroad from 2010 to 2011.



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