Video Systems in Education (ViSE)

  • Programme: Erasmus +
  • Project number: 2015-1-DK01-KA204-004325 
  • Project period: 01/09/2015 – 31/08/2018
  • Contractor: VUC Storstrøm, Denmark (
  • Target group(s): Trainers in adult education; (adult) education institutions


Project description: 

ViSE is a project partnership between Spain, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania and Austria. The objective of the project is the creation of an interactive guidebook for the implementation of video learning systems which can be used in all segments of the European education system. The main focus is however on the segment of adult education. 
Information gathering on the technical implementation and the pedagogical methods for video learning systems is time consuming and expensive. The partners in this project will each contribute information and experience based on their respective specialisation. This will provide a solid basis for the development of a structured guideline that can be used by other organisations interested in building up their own capacity.

The interactive guidebook will focus on the following topics:

  • Motivating learners – video used in innovative collaboration in the virtual classroom
  • Distance learning and guest teaching with use of video conference
  • Innovation methods and knowledge sharing systems – anchoring the ICT development in the organisation
  • Flipping the classroom – a new learning concept
  • Webinars and MOOCs – live video streaming
  • Global Classroom – learners connected with use of real presence videoconferencing

Project partners:


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