VET-Macedonia – TA VET Phase IV Training for Teachers and VET Centre Staff (EuropeAid) 01 – 09.2006)

This project is the forth in the frame of VET reform projects in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. The aim is to enhance secondary education and to modernise VET schools in order to meet the needs of the labour market. Previous projects aimed to introduce new equipment and to implement new curricula related to modern IT equipment as well as modern branch specific equipment in workshops and laboratories.

In general the project aims to enhance the quality of teaching in VET schools. Thus it shall increase the attraction of VET schools and improve qualification levels of students. The approach is to strengthen institutional capacities and personal resources. Furthermore schools are provided with support and advice during the implementation process of modern didactic, active learning and new updated equipment.

The general objective is to support the Government in the implementation of a modern vocational education and training system. To go along with social and economic development vocational education and training will be adapted to the needs of the labour market and students.

The project aims are:
Assist and advice of the Ministry of Education and Science in the effective and efficient implementation of new curricula.
To organise and carry out a curriculum of short, targeted and tailor-made courses in different branches of VET-schools.
To ensure the sustainable development of VET-schools.
The project consortium is made up of BFI Wien and a Greek Partner Organisation.

TA VET - Phase IV - Training of Teachers and VET Centre Staff
An EU-funded project managed by the European Agency for Reconstruction


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