Made in Jail!

Development and implementation of an e-business for the promotion of entrepreneurship of adults in a penal institution

  • Programme: Lifelong Learning Programme/Leonardo da Vinci 
  • Project number: LU 07 LLP-LdV TOI-156004 
  • Project period: 1/ 2008 – 06/2009 
  • Contractor: Défi-job a.s.b.l., Luxembourg, givenich.htm
  • Target group(s): Prisoners

Project description:

Instructed by training staff, detainees developed a strategy for running a virtual sales point (e-shop) and implementing the strategy step by step. By means of the e-shop, they learned how to market products they produce while in detention. Project participants could bolster key entrepreneurial competences and acquired basic commercial know-how such as marketing, sales, customer retention and customer service. 

Two workshops were scheduled for training the project trainers. Three test partners, i.e. detention facilities in Luxembourg (Givenich) and Austria (Vienna) as well as CNFPC-Ettelbruck, a vocational training institute in Luxembourg, tested and implemented the e-shop strategy.

Project partners: 

  • Friedrich-Alexander- Universität Erlangen- Nürnberg, FIM Neues Lernen, Germany, 
  • CNFPC – Centre national de formation professionnelle continue, Luxembourg
  • Education4all, Luxembourg
  • Guido, Glas & Partners Sàrl, Luxembourg

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