Innovative Coaching 50+


  • Programme: Lifelong Learning Programme / Leonardo da Vinci 
  • Project number: 2012-1-BE3-LEO05-05468 
  • Project period: 01/12/2012 – 30/11/2014 
  • Contractor: Levanto, Belgium,
  • Target group(s): Older workers, human resource managers, SMEs

Project  description:

50+ Innovative Coaching is based on the Perfect 50+ Leonardo project, in which a training programme was developed for SME staff to become coaches for older workers. In the follow-up project, the existing coaching model was adapted to meet labour market requirements in the partner countries. 

The project goals are: 

  • Further development, adaptation and testing of the training course and coaching methods 
  • Introduction of the coaching to SMEs 
  • Information on the issue of having older employees and people with disabilities on the staff 
  • Guidance for the target group on further job-related training 

Project partners:


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