Integration of disadvantaged students in the labour market in the context of the dual system (AT-HU ISA)


  • Programme: ERDF 
  • Project number: L00148 
  • Project period: 09/2012 – 08/2014 
  • Contractor: Berufsförderungsinstitut Wien, Austria
  • Target group(s): Teachers, trainers, enterprises

Project description:

This cross-border project focused on learning from each other. On the one hand, the know-how that BFI Vienna has acquired of teaching methods for disadvantaged students in the dual education system is to be shared with the Hungarian project partner, while on the other hand experience gained in Hungary will be fed into the teaching programmes at BFI Vienna. More specifically, the project goals included: organising study visits to Austria, developing a strategy and an implementation plan for Hungary based on the Austrian model, drawing up / adapting course proposals for teachers and employers in Hungary and Austria, running pilot courses for teachers and enterprises in both countries, and implementing a mentoring  programme in Hungary.

Project partner: 

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