Berufsförderungsinstitut Wien (BFI Wien) - Vocational Training Institute Vienna

The Vocational Training Institute Vienna is the leading institute of employee-oriented vocational education and continuing training. It was founded by the Federal Chamber of Labour and the Austrian Trade Union Federation in 1959 (regional reorganization in 1990). Our institute is subject to the international standard ISO 9001. Thus our measures and employees have to meet strict quality criteria.

Some facts: About 650 employees and more than 1.200 freelancers currently work for us. We have approximately 45.000 participants per year. The range of occupational fields reaches from IT and communications technologies, languages, business, management, soft skills, tourism, health and social services, environment, commerce, transport and traffic to continuing education in building, wood, metal and electrical trades.

Our customers are both employed and unemployed persons. We work especially for public institutions such as the public Employment Service (AMS) and various ministries as well as companies from commerce, services, trade and industrial sectors.

International Department
Enlarging and preparing vocational qualifications for the European Economic Area has become more and more important. The Vocational Training Institute Vienna meets this demand by setting up international projects to develop and carry out educational measures in an European context.

The International Department is responsible for initiating, co-ordinating and managing international projects under European action programs for education and continuing training (Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates), Community Initiatives (EQUAL, INTERREG), ESF-subsidies, PROGRESS and various budget lines of the European Commission as well as development aid projects under the program EuropeAid.

Our Europe-oriented further training projects which are co-financed by the European programs mentioned contribute to impart a maximum of topical knowledge to our participants and to improve their chances in a common market.