Einstufungstest Cambride First Certificate (FCE)

Mit * gekennzeichnete Felder sind Pflichtfelder

1) Rewrite these sentences so they mean the same as the first. DO NOT CHANGE THE FORM OF THE GIVEN WORD.

Example: There is no point in seeing that film. ( WORTH ) That film isn't worth seeing.

1.1) "Did you speak to the teacher, Mum?" I asked.

I asked my mother ( SHE )

1.2) Opera doesn't interest David.


1.3) It's a good thing you brought your credit card or we wouldn't have been able to buy the table for the kitchen.

We wouldn't have been able to buy the table for the kitchen if ( HADN’T )

1.4) The flight to Helsinki was cheaper than I had thought it would be.

The flight to Helsinki wasn’t as ( EXPENSIVE )

1.5) I expect they were tired after the walk.

After the walk, ( BEEN )

1.6) With a broken tooth, you ought to go to the dentist's immediately.

With a broken tooth, you ( BETTER )

1.7) It snowed so they cancelled the flight.

The flight was cancelled ( OWING )

1.8) Maria and Gerald are getting married, despite not having very much money.

Maria and Gerald are getting married, ( ALTHOUGH )

1.9) It was unfair that Jilly was given the sack.

Jilly didn’t ( DESERVE )

1.10) My CD player was so old that it wasn't worth repairing when it broke.

My CD player was so old that there was ( POINT )

1.11) The last time I ate Thai food was 4 years ago.

It was ( YEARS )

1.12) I am happy to see any film you like.

I don’t ( MIND )

2) Pick the correct word to fit in the gap from the option A, B or C:

The government had always thought of ____________(2.1) the cycle paths in the city but the _______________ (2.2) had always prevented them from doing so. Nevertheless the local elections were very _________________ (2.3) that year and politicians from all parties had ______________(2.4) to make _____________ (2.5) to the town. The member for the Green Party had made the ________ (2.6) that if she were elected, the project for the cycle paths would certainly go ahead.

3) The .......... in Norway is magnificent.

4) Minor .......... are common if you take part in dangerous sports.

5) Many people remember being .......... to the theatre as a child.

6) Cooked meat should be eaten ……. soon in the summer.

7) The difficulty could have been .......... with a little more preparation.

8) The exam questions were complex, .......... at the same time easy.

9) I .......... it doesn't rain tomorrow – I'm going for a walk in the mountains.

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