Einstufungstest Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)

Mit * gekennzeichnete Felder sind Pflichtfelder

1) Rewrite these sentences so they mean the same as the first.

Example: There is no point in seeing that film. That film isn't worth seeing.

1.1) "You stole the CDs," said the policeman to the shopper.

The policeman accused

1.2) I had better go to the dentist's soon.


1.3) The last time I went to a rock concert was about 4 months ago.


1.4) "I don't want to go on holiday with you," said Mary to her friend.

Mary told her friend that

1.5) Although the film was good, it received a poor review from the critics.


1.6) We had to wait 2 hours before the plane took off.

Only after a

1.7) Would you mind not smoking here?

I'd rather

1.8) No matter how hard I tried I couldn't answer all the questions.


1.9) It makes no difference if that hotel is fully booked, we will still try to get a room somewhere.

We will still try and get a room somewhere

1.10) I would do anything for you.


1.11) I didn't realise who I had been speaking to until later.

Only later

1.12) Their house was so run down that nobody would buy it.

They had such

2) Rewrite these sentences so they mean the same as the first. DO NOT CHANGE THE FORM OF THE GIVEN WORD.

Example: There is no point in seeing that film. WORTH That film isn't worth seeing.

2.1) She is certainly not a happy woman.


2.2) Someone has burgled his house.


2.3) I wonder if you could possibly carry this box for me?


2.4) He can hardly sleep.


2.5) Mike had difficulty in finishing the book.


2.6) It wasn't my intention to make you jump.


3) Hotel rooms must be .......... by noon.

4) At the end of the course special prizes were ......... to the winners.

5) If the plane had crashed it could .......... have killed hundreds of people.

6) After many years of testing, the medicine was released for general use ......… .

7) "I know it's late, so I shall not .......... you any longer," said the manager to his secretary.

8) You can go to the party .......... you are back home by half-past eleven.

9) How many litres of milk do you think this bottle will .......... ?

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