All of us are constantly concluding contracts in our private and professional lives. In most cases this happens without knowing that one has just acquired rights, but has also entered into obligations.
In business life this is made even more difficult by the different legal forms of companies. The legal form also becomes very important if the business partner gets into financial difficulties and may even have to go bankrupt.
This module also deals with the forms of financing that can be used to overcome liquidity bottlenecks or finance acqui-sitions. This also provides the basis for how you can invest your money profitably (types of investment).
If you book this lecture in addition to the German edition you automatically learn the necessary vocabulary to work in an international company.
• Contract points
• types of contracts  general terms and conditions (GTC)
• purchase agreement  rental agreement
• employment contract, gross and net wages
• legally binding signature  breach of contract
• win-win-attitude

• Legal forms
• sole proprietorship, LLC, silent partnership, public company
• supervisory board, managing director, board of directors
• power of representation, power of attorney
• commercial register
• cartel, group

• Illiquidity
• reasons for insolvency
• comparison
• insolvency
• bankruptcy
• garnishment

• Supplier credit
• credit agreement: Creditworthiness, solvency, securities, guarantor, rate, interest, p.a., effective inter-est rate, overdraft, liability, creditor, debtor
• shares, markets value, dividends
• bond
• leasing
You will acquire in a compact format, a sound business knowledge that supports you in challenging tasks.
You will understand business contexts, think and act entrepreneurially.
By understanding business terms, you will support your company by achieving its goals.
You will acquire the necessary vocabulary to understand complex business contexts
After completing the “Balance Sheet and Key Figures” module, you will receive the EBC*L Career A.3. Certificate, whish officially document your skills.
• Employees who deal directly or indirectly with corporate customers and suppliers (e.g. sales, purchasing, assistants to the management)
• Employees in accounting etc.
• Employees and managers who want to improve their business English
This e-learning does not require attendance at BFI Vienna. You learn with our learning platform at home and you can organize your learning times independently. You can repeat the e-learning content as often as you like within the activated period of two months. You will receive your access data by email after registration. A registration is possible at any time.