Fixed costs, contribution margin, profit centre, break-even point ... These terms are part of everyday life in companies. No wonder, since they form the basis for many important decisions:
At what price can I offer my product? Will I achieve a positive contribution margin? What is the real cost of my project? Why does my department get allocated costs that I didn't even cause? How can I get a grip on the costs? Should we invest in the product, the machine, the advertising...? Are we reaching the break-even point? This module provides answers to these questions. If you book this lecture in addition to the German edition you automatically learn the necessary vocabulary to work in an international company.
• Cost distribution sheet
• contribution margin
• Individual/overhead direct/indirect costs
• fixed costs / variable costs
• capacity utilisation
• economies of scale
• fixed cost degression
• internal activity allocation
• calculation, Short/long term price floor
• pricing policy, market types, price-demand function
• cost centre accounting, profit centre
• break-even-point, amortisation, ROI
You will acquire in a compact format, a sound business knowledge that supports you in challenging tasks.
You will understand business contexts, think and act entrepreneurially.
By understanding business terms, you will support your company by achieving its goals.
You will acquire the necessary vocabulary to understand complex business contexts
After completing the “Balance Sheet and Key Figures” module, you will receive the EBC*L Career A.2. Certificate, which officially document your skills.
Employees in accounting, controlling, sales / purchasing / works councils, etc.
Managers of divisions, cost centres and profit centres
Executives, high potentials, project managers (e.g. technicians)
Assistants to the management and divisional management
Employees and managers who want to improve their business vocabulary
This e-learning does not require attendance at BFI Vienna. You learn with our learning platform at home and you can organize your learning times independently. You can repeat the e-learning content as often as you like within the activated period of two months. You will receive your access data by email after registration. A registration is possible at any time.
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