Are you confronted with business issues and problems in your everyday work? Balance sheet, contribution margin and profitability are terms that are used all the time, but you don't know exactly what that means?

This e-learning helps you to gain a comprehensive basic understanding of business terms and supports you in working with the controlling and other departments in your company.

Moreover, if you have already business knowledge, this e-learning provides you the necessary vocabulary you need to work with international customers.
The core course includes the topics and modules below. Each module can be completed individually and a separate certificate is also issued for each module. With a click on the respective module at the bottom of the page you get more information.

1. Balance Sheet and Key Figures
2. Cost and Investment Accounting
3. Business Law

- You acquire in a compact form a sound business knowledge that supports you in challenging tasks.
- You understand business connections, think and act entrepreneurially.
- By understanding business terms, you support your company in achieving its goals.
- You acquire necessary business vocabulary to deal with international clients
EBC*L core graduates know the company's economic goals, the instruments for measuring goal achievement and the possibilities of each individual to make a contribution. You are a competent contact person and have the business know-how for entrepreneurial thinking and acting.
• All those who are looking for their first or a new job, or an internship
• Employees in accounting, controlling, sales / purchasing / works councils, etc.
• Executives, high potentials, project managers (e.g. technicians)
• Assistants to the management and divisional management
• Employees and managers, who want to improve their business English
This e-learning does not require attendance at BFI Vienna. You learn with our learning platform at home and you can organize your learning times independently. You can repeat the e-learning content as often as you like within the activated period. You will receive your access data by email after registration. A registration is possible at any time.