TKT YL is an exam for teachers and classroom assistants who want to teach English to young learners. It tests knowledge of concepts related to young learner learning and development, and knowledge of young learners from a teaching perspective, including the planning, teaching and assessment of young learners' work.
This module tests your knowledge of

- learning and development in young learners
- the strategies and skills required to teach young learners aged 6-12 years
- lesson planning, the activities and resources needed to support young learners
- lesson delivery and assessment in young learner contexts.
This test does not have specific requirements. People who apply for these exams do not necessarily need to have any teaching experience or entry qualifications. However, candidates are expected to be familiar with language relating to the practice of English language teaching.
The tests are designed to encourage teachers in their professional development by providing a step in their progression on the Cambridge English Teaching Framework. Candidates can also use TKT to access further training and enhance career opportunities.
It is a paper-based test, and it can be taken as a pre-service test. Some people actually take courses before sitting for these kinds of tests due to the amount of language and input it requires. Moreover, prep-courses for a TKT usually help teachers to get ready for the real deal in a classroom because it involves the learning and development of young learners, planning lessons for them and teaching strategies, practice activities and resources used to support and challenge language learning. It also tests knowledge of informal classroom assessment of young learners' work.