Learning each other's languages is increasingly crucial. English - apart from being one of the most popular languages in the world - is also the most commonly studied foreign language. You fancy working as an English teacher for adults? Complete this course, get the internationally recognized CELTA certificate for English trainers and start teaching in Austria or abroad. BFI Wien is Austria's only CELTA provider authorized by the University of Cambridge - and gets you up to speed in no time.
There are two main components to the CELTA course: input and teaching practice.
During the hands-on input sessions, you'll learn about teaching methodology and brush up on your language awareness, among other things. Teaching practice gives you a chance to create lesson plans and try out teaching approaches with real students. You'll get a significant amount of support from your tutors who are here to help you on your path to becoming a certified English Language Teacher.

- The general principles and techniques of teaching and learning foreign languages
- The English language: linguistic form, function, meaning and phonology
- Analysing the English language for teaching purposes
- Teaching and learning skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing
- Class management, group work and individual work, learner motivation
- Class techniques, presentation, practice, checking understanding, error analysis
- Lesson planning, course planning, timetables and syllabuses
- Teaching materials, textbooks, supplementary materials
- Classroom aids and equipment, visual aids
- Homework and self-study, testing and grading, examinations in English
By the end of the course you will have the basics to plan and teach lessons which are motivating, challenging and meaningful for your students. Moreover, you'll have the confidence and the resources which will allow you to continue your development as a competent and effective teacher of English and a new qualification which is recognised both in Austria and abroad and can lead to a fulfilling and rewarding career.
Trainees completing the requirements are rewarded an internationally recognised certificate in teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults.
No previous teaching experience or teaching training required. An application form for this course can be found below and needs to be sent to Julia Schwob: j.schwob@bfi.wien. All applicants must complete an application form, pre-interview tasks, and take part in an interview with a tutor before registration.
Speakers of English as a first language and non-native speakers with a very good command of both written and spoken English wanting to enter the field of English language teaching to adults.
Lawrie Moore-Walter & CELTA TrainerInnen-Team
- In addition to 157 teaching units the course consists of approximately 43 units of e-learning.
- Materials, course assignments and interactive components are accessible on our e-learning platform and serve to enhance the trainee's learning experience.